One of my favorite things to do is to talk to entreprenuers and listen to their stories, challenges and successes. I met with the owner of Abbeydale for a photo session and a video interview of his story. I shot and produced this social media teaser for the forthcoming video series.

If you close your eyes and no one told you any different, you’d probably think you were listening to John Legend. But it’s not though, it’s Keith. This was the kind of work that didn’t feel like work at all. I conceived of the project, selected and secured the location, planned stage/background ambiance, filmed some of the main & B-roll footage, stayed within budget, and approved the post-production video.

As a fan of Mad Men and well written copy, I knew Freddy’s pitch needed to be shot. I ran the idea for the project by the Smith Ave. team, wrote the script, secured a collector to loan us a vintage Accutron watch, found the leading man, directed the shoot, stayed within budget, and approved the post-production video.

I love comedy and had an idea to shoot local comics doing improv sketches for a Mother’s Day tribute. This was part of the project. I shot and edited this craziness about Tim’s reminiscing of his mom and pound cake.